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Recent Victories
D.P. v. L.A. (San Diego, CA)
In highly contested child custody case, successfully regained visitation rights for mother of two children who had wrongfully been withheld visitation for over four years. 
In re Marriage of W.Y. and B.L. (San Diego, CA)
Successfully represented wife against husband's request to set aside Default entered against him, ultimately resulting in court's award of entire marital residence to wife as part of Default Judgment.   
In re Marriage of M.S. and A.B. (Los Angeles, CA)
Successfully represented mother in Contempt proceeding against father represented by Public Defender's Office, ultimately resulting in rarely issued incarceration order against father for failing to abide by prior court orders. 
In re Marriage of E.D. and A.D. (Los Angeles, CA)
Successfully represented husband at contested jurisdiction hearing to quash and dismiss wife's Petition for Divorce filed in California, instead of Maryland.   
In re Marriage of J.G. and V.T. (Lancaster, CA)
Successfully represented father in two-day highly contested child custody Trial against mother seeking full physical custody of child with special needs.    
In re Marriage of Chishty and Rafay (Los Angeles, CA)
Successfully represented mother of three children at hearing on Request For Order filed by father seeking full custody of children, ultimately concluding with complete withdrawal of Request For Order by father.  
In re Minor Child* (Monterey Park, CA)
Successfully assisted father obtain custody of child in Dependency case after child had been placed in foster care and committed to the care and custody of the Department of Child and Family Services.  
In re Minor Child* (Riverside, CA)
In same sex, competing emergency temporary guardianship case, successfully obtained award of temporary guardianship of minor child to client.  
In re Marriage of Z.L. and J.M. (San Diego, CA)
Advised client in successfully obtaining executed Quitclaim Deed from opposing party for two homes obtained during the marriage.  
In re Marriage of M.S. and A.B. (Los Angeles, CA)
Successfully opposed an emergency application filed by father seeking extended physical custodial time with child.  Ruling rendered on strength of opposition papers filed and without argument.    
* Minor child's name not included to protect identity, privacy and confidentiality. 
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