I have seen the dilemma that parents face all the time. They need to hire a lawyer to navigate the complicated legal system to file for custody, but they lack the funds or resources to get it going. Unfortunately, it happens all too often – thousands of people make too much money to qualify for legal aid, yet not enough money to hire an attorney to help them file for custody.

Luckily, there is an attractive option.

A New Way to File for Custody Electronically – Without a Lawyer

I knew there had to be a better way—so I created one. As a parent myself, I created Family Law 365 (www.familylaw365.com) to help those parents who, for whatever reason, want to (or need to) tell their story to the court themselves, without a lawyer. I firmly believe that the legal system and justice should not be so complicated that you feel like you’re filing taxes in order to ask the court for orders related to your children.

In a stressful time like this, you have too many other things to worry about.

Bypass the Many Headaches that Come with Having to go to Court

I believe that Family Law 365 (“FL365”) solves many of the problems inherent within the Family Court system.

First, the Family Court system is extremely difficult to navigate without an attorney. The process of resolving a custody dispute with your ex and getting court orders is complicated. Second, attorneys are expensive. Even trying to resolve the simplest of disputes can cost you several thousand dollars. To top it off, other self-help legal services are inconvenient. You'll find yourself having to organize all the information yourself without help.

And let's be honest – the last thing you need when fighting with your ex about custody is the awful frustration of trying to figure out legal forms. It's just too much.

The Family Law 365 Process is Simple

I usually describe my new system as “Turbo-Tax for custody.” I think it’s an apt comparison because it makes something ordinarily complicated into a super easy process.

Here's how it works. First, you answer a few simple questions online. Your answers are then gathered and populated into the required court forms and declarations. At the end, you get simple instructions on assembling the documents you need to file with the court before your court hearing. You can do everything without hiring an attorney or even a paralegal.

Parents Know Best

I’m a mom. I know what’s best for my child.

I also recognize that parents know their children, and the facts of their custody and/or child support disputes, the best. Most parents can tell their story better than any lawyer can on their behalf; they simply need help to tell the story properly to the court.

And now they can.

Family Law 365 Can Help

Do you need help filing for custody but can’t afford a lawyer? I created Family Law 365 just for you—it was specifically designed to work with all Los Angeles County courts.

To find out more about Family Law 365, click here. Whatever your circumstance, Family Law 365 can help you skip the usual headaches when filing for custody and telling your story directly to the court.