An Efficient Win-Win

We know that you have many questions about what is going to happen to your life now that you have decided to divorce. The expert mediators at Park Family Law can help you get divorced in the most efficient and amicable way possible, from crafting mutually agreeable child custody arrangements to equitably dividing your assets and debts.

Deep Knowledge of the Pros and Cons

We bring to the table a deep knowledge of the pros and cons of litigating vs. mediating. As seasoned litigators who go to court regularly and know the personalities of the family law judges, we can thoroughly advise our clients about what will likely happen if an issue is litigated, as opposed to mediated.

Whenever possible, we believe that it is best for divorcing couples to come to a mutually agreeable result. Resolution through mediation can save divorcing couples tens of thousands of dollars and months of time. Park Family Law has a track record of successful mediations, even in complex cases involving significant assets, complicated legal or physical custody needs, and long-term child support or alimony issues.

Peace of Mind

We pride ourselves on giving our clients peace of mind in this difficult time. We want you to make sound decisions about all the key issues and regularly negotiate settlement agreements to the satisfaction of both spouses involved. Our ability to mediate even the most complex divorces results in significant cost savings for our clients.

Positive Results

We will help you get the best possible results. Call us at 310-746-9559 to schedule an appointment with an attorney mediator.

Case Study
Win-Win Estate Negotiation Saves Tens of Thousands of Dollars and Months of Time

In a high-net-worth divorce case, Park Family Law mediated the division of assets for a couple going through a divorce after a long-term marriage. The couple had significant assets to divide, including multiple homes and substantial financial accounts. In addition, there was a sizable spousal support issue that needed to be resolved to avoid significant income tax ramifications.

Park Family Law was able to successfully mediate all of the issues to the mutual satisfaction of the couple for under $10,000, a figure that is easily five times less than the cost of litigating the issues in court. In addition, the mediation took less than two months, as opposed to what would have taken well over one year in litigation.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Division of assets and debts in divorce, including complex and mid-to-high-net-worth valuations
  • Negotiation and characterization of property as separate or community
  • Resolution of contested custody/visitation, including move-away and physical or substance abuse
  • Settlement of child support
  • Settlement of alimony or spousal support
  • Negotiation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Discovery and information gathering
  • Preparation of all documents required to obtain marital dissolution
  • Negotiation and settlement of reimbursements and credits
  • Development of parenting plans
  • Mediation consulting