Custody DIY

Family Law 365 

At Park Family Law, we understand that there is a void for people who have too much money to qualify for free legal aid, but at the same time, do not have enough money to pay for an attorney. For parents who fall in that category, please visit, which makes filing for custody as easy as 1-2-3, without the need for a lawyer.

As a parent herself, Attorney Ji Park, of Park Family Law, created FL365 to help parents who, for whatever reason, want to (or need to) tell their story to the court themselves, without a lawyer. She firmly believes that most parents know their children, and the facts of their custody and/or child support disputes, the best and can tell their story better than any lawyer can on their behalf; they simply need help to tell the story properly to the court.

FL365 makes the process easy.

  1. You answer simple questions.
  2. Your answers are then auto-populated into the required court forms and declarations that
    you can review and sign.
  3. FL365 then files the forms and declarations for you with the court and gives you simple
    instructions regarding next steps.
  4. You can do everything without hiring an attorney, or even a paralegal.

FamilyLaw365 makes everything as easy as 1-2-3.