Proving what is in the best interest of your child is crucial in determining which parent gets legal and physical custody and how visitation schedules will sort out. In addition to your solid arguments and evidence, should you bring in an expert to bolster your case? In some cases, yes.

When You Reach an Impasse - It Might Be Time to Bring in an Expert

One of the best possible outcomes for the child is that both parents concur on a custody plan, even if other issues like the division of assets may still be in contention. However, the opposite is often the case. When neither side can agree on issues relating to custody, it might be time to bring in an outside expert to persuade the judge. If it comes to this, be sure to choose the appropriate professional witness who can best help your case.

The Right Expert Witness

The expert witness you're looking for should have professional knowledge regarding the issues in your case. They should be considered an authority in their area of expertise and should speak directly concerning custody issues that are specific to your case. Such experts might include pediatricians, social workers, family or child therapists, speech therapists, coaches or teachers, child psychologists, or anyone else who may have played a professional role in your child's life and development.

Expert witnesses are NOT character witnesses, such as your friends or relatives. Instead, experts are vetted professionals with expert knowledge pertaining directly and specifically to your child and the particulars of your case.

Professional Insight and Perspective

An expert witness may shed light on many issues that pertain to the case. For example, they might know some of the family history that might favor one parent or the other. They may have a professional opinion on the mental and physical fitness of the child and which parent is better suited to shepherd their development. They may have professional views on the parents themselves, such as their own mental, physical or parental fitness and how that will influence their children.

If a child has confided in an expert witness, such as a child psychologist, of possible harm or abuse, then that will be critical information in the case.

In addition to their opinion of the past and present situation, an expert might express an opinion about what is best for the child's long-term future. Based on all the available evidence, having the right expert significantly impacts the court's final ruling.

Park Family Law Can Help

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